3 Travel Nurse Specialties Most People Don’t Know About (But Could Love)


How to Manage Travel Nurse Long-Term Care

There are so many specialties and opportunities for travel nurses to gain experience and find their passion. But have you ever considered a career in long-term healthcare? In travel nursing, long-term care is a specialty that many nurses often overlook,

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The History of Travel Nursing: Then vs. Now

Modern-day travel nurses are essential to any healthcare ecosystem. The career itself is gratifying, with plenty of personal and professional growth opportunities. However, travel nursing only came into existence as an employment option for nurses a few decades ago.  Travel

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the ultimate guide to correctional travel nursing

The Ins and Out of Correctional Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can lead nurses down various career paths, providing amazing opportunities along the way—there’s no better option for advancing your career. One travel nursing specialty many may not even recognize is correctional nursing! Corrections nursing is one of the

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