What our travelers have been saying.

  • Ángel Santos, RN, MS/Tele
    Miami, FL

    My experience with the company has been amazing. This is my first assignment, and from day one, Nicole Jackson and Daisy Soto were excellent. They guided me through the process and were always aware that I had the necessary tools to complete the requirements to get started with my assignment. 

    In my case, I applied for an assignment, and unfortunately, it was not available. Still, Nicole was constantly in contact with me, and she immediately offered me other contracts that met what I wanted. That is the reason I am here now. When I applied with other companies, I was never told when an assignment was unavailable and had to go back to the beginning again. For this reason, I recommend Nurse First Travel Agency to start your new adventure!

  • Shannon, RN Endoscopy
    Avon, OH

    Nurse First is a great medical staffing agency. My nurse advocate, Lauren, is always timely with responses to my questions. She checks in with me regularly but isn't bothersome or pushy like some recruiters can be. Cheryl, in payroll, is also wonderful and has been so helpful throughout my contract. I appreciate that I have been paid on time every week, and there have been no discrepancies with my pay that I had to address. 

    The job board for Nurse First breaks down the location, hours, and pay of available assignments, and their rates are incredibly competitive with top agencies. The company is transparent with their rates before you even show interest in a job, and you simply won't get that with some of the other agencies out there. I am very glad I found a position through Nurse First, and I look forward to continuing to work with the company in the future.

  • Rachel Masterson, CST

    I’ve been with Nurse First for two assignments now. My first assignment with Nurse First was a six-month-long contract with Health Trust. I was skeptical about taking such a different assignment at first. I was told I would be a market float for the whole West division of HCA hospitals. Of course, in the be beginning, we had some ups and downs.

    But my recruiter, Lauren, worked vigorously to resolve these issues. She made it such a wonderful experience that I signed another six-month contract with this company right after. I would recommend Nurse First to my friends and colleagues because working with them is more like working with family. I feel like a person and not a number. What I enjoy most about this company is its transparency and commitment to its workers.

    Lauren is always prompt when getting back to me, and she always keeps it real. I can’t imagine going back and working with any other company.

  • Eli White, Surgical Tech
    Corvallis, OR

    If you are looking for a company that will be straightforward, transparent, and honest with you, then you should check out Nurse First.

    I have been in healthcare for 20-plus years, and I can uniquely say that Nurse First is probably the most transparent company out there; it is something I’ve always looked for in an agency. The application process was relatively smooth, and while I always consider my options, I will probably stick with Nurse First for my next contract. 

  • Alexa Coyne, RN
    Wilmington, NC

    I had the pleasure of working with Nurse First to obtain my travel contract in NC. I have worked with many agencies, and this one was by far the easiest and fastest at helping me get the job I wanted. 

    My recruiter, Nicole, was friendly, easy to get ahold of, and kept an open line of communication throughout the whole process. Although there is no bargaining power, the pay seems to be the best—and there’s no hassle. The onboarding process was easy, and everyone I worked with was able to communicate easily through text and at hours that even a night shifter can appreciate. I am glad I was able to work with Nurse First!

  • Olivia Hale, RN, BSN
    Medford, OR

    I've used a different agency for each of my travel contracts thus far. It can be exhausting having recruiters constantly pressure you to choose their company, but I never felt that way with Nurse First. Their onboarding process was simple, and any issues/questions I've had have been dealt with in a timely, professional manner.

    What also appealed to me about working with Nurse First was the transparency they provided about pay packages—and the overall take-home amount was much higher than other agencies I've worked with.

  • Chauner Jones, BSN

    My experience with Nurse First has been a great one. I thank my traveler advocate, Trey Ringer, for assisting me with finding my next assignment. Trey has the best personality, responds quickly, and gets the job done. He gets five stars in communication, customer service, support, responsiveness, integrity, and work ethic from me. I look forward to a long-lasting work relationship with Trey and Nurse First.

  • Kendralyn Grant

    I just wanted to take a moment to highlight one of Nurse First’s employees, Trey, the absolute best. Thanks for being awesome. He is kind, informative, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, I never felt like I was being brushed off. As I recall calling him the first time, I look back and feel like he’s been my recruiter for years.

    I’ve texted him several times, and not once have I had to wait on a response. In this travel nursing life, I’ve spoken to a few individuals—and he is by far the most professional one. I’m so happy to begin this journey with Nurse First, and mostly I’m glad I was lucky enough that Trey answered the day I first contacted Nurse First—and that I gained him as a recruiter.

    I’m very big on expressing my gratitude, and he definitely deserves kudos. I pray the world delivers a few more like him in my path in this lifetime. 

    Trey rocks—and I mean that wholeheartedly.

  • Kathleen Tillman, RN
    Fayetteville, AR

    I have traveled for seven years and have used several different travel companies. I have repeatedly tried to find one that meets all my needs, but I always have had to compromise in one area or another. Nurse First finally ticked all the boxes on my needs list... 

    (1) lots of jobs in my specialty (2) variety of locations all around the country (3) pay details listed on the website (4) day one insurance (5) a company representative that doesn't harass me like a used car salesman.

    Most importantly, my paychecks are always on time and correct and include reimbursements as promised. My traveler advocate Lauren is always available and was helpful and understanding when I missed some work due to my sister passing away.

    Every member of the company that I have dealt with has been fantastic and responds to any questions I have quickly and professionally. It's been a great experience with Nurse First so far, and I expect to continue with them for the foreseeable future.

  • Melissa Marsh, RN, BSN
    Worland, WY

    They have a great staff that you get to know over time and see that they value the work that you’re doing. The Nurse First team is easy to communicate with and has been able to work with me to secure jobs that fit my special needs.

    Setting up a profile with them is easy! They feature the usual application skills checklist and certifications upload, but they also have a profile specialist that makes yours look perfect when you finally decide to hit submit to your desired assignment.