How To Write Your Travel Nursing Resume Including COVID-19 Experiences

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives to varying degrees—in some ways, temporarily and in others, for the foreseeable future. Working through the pandemic has been challenging, especially for healthcare professionals who have had to put their lives on hold to save the lives of others. When we think of COVID-19, we all think of the different ways we have had to push through and adapt to whatever was thrown our way and, as a travel nurse, your resume should reflect that. 

Travel nursing resumes rely heavily on your work experience and abilities, and coincidentally, those are the two areas that were (and are) affected most by COVID-19. Any mention of the coronavirus will resonate with hiring managers because it is something that we have all faced, so it’s important to be authentic and open about your experiences. Doing so will help potential employers understand what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and your dedication to caring for your patients. 

So, as we move into the next phase of managing COVID-19, consider updating your resume to reflect how you have handled the past year and a half—here is how to write your travel nursing resume after COVID-19.

Work History

As you know, facilities will not only need to know where you worked but also the details about your role and responsibilities. In addition to providing that information, make sure to add any variations from your position that occurred due to the pandemic. Did you have to adapt to new protocols or receive additional training? Write about it. You may have been asked to float—changing departments, focuses, and patients at a moment’s notice—during your assignment. In some cases, that floating may have included becoming a temporary nurse for a department with a completely different specialty. Make sure to mention the roles and responsibilities you took on how you handled being flexible and adapting to the needs of the hospital. 

For your resume, we recommend still listing the specialty you were hired for but adding an extra bullet or two detailing the temporary role or roles you took on due to the pandemic.

Highlight New Skills

Showcase the new traits that hiring managers will need in order to be successful in this “new normal”. Some things to include are your flexibility and adaptability, split-second decision-making, collaboration, and critical care outside of your normal specialty scope. Feature your ability to thrive during uncertainty, and your dedication to serving your patients, even during challenging circumstances. Not everyone can make sound decisions with little to no guidance, so your resume needs to highlight experiences when you solved problems without precedents.

Also, do not hesitate to add any professional awards you may have been nominated for or received during your COVID-19 assignment, like the DAISY Award. Being able to go the extra mile during a highly stressful period should be acknowledged as much as possible, including on your resume. The hunt for new travel nursing contracts can be stressful right now, but nurses are vital members of our medical community. The services that you provide are heroic and help enrich and even save the lives of those that you care for. Remain positive knowing that what you do matters, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to serve patients, learn, grow and cultivate a successful career.

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