How Your Online Behavior Can Affect Your Travel Nursing Career

In the digital era, many of us use the internet to document our lives, interact with others, and make connections. Being on social media, especially for travel nurses, can help you stay in touch with friends and even research hidden attractions in your assignment location. However, oversharing can have long-term effects on your personal and professional life. It is important to be conscious of what you post online and how your travel nursing career can be affected.

The Down Side

Your social media accounts are not off-limits to anyone including hiring managers from your next potential contract. They will undoubtedly look for your profile and if they do not like what they see, it could cost you a future job and many more if you’re not careful. You may even currently be on an assignment, but you should not become lax with your professionalism online. Posting content your employer is less than thrilled to have associated with their brand can give them a reason to cut your contract short. There are a few things you should never post about:

  • Controversial topics: You have the right to voice your opinion on different matters, but some discussions that you choose to engage in can be viewed differently than intended. To stay on the safe side, avoid sharing anything that could be viewed as offensive, insensitive, or crude.
  • Coworkers or employers: Never talk about the professionals around you, whether they are from the past or present. While you are guaranteed to have a few bad days in the workplace, the internet is not a place to share your frustrations. Offending coworkers can inhibit your ability to book jobs. Even if you delete posts that you made in frustration, all it takes is for a follower or coworker to take a screenshot of the offending post to use it against you. They can even send it to your employer and cost you your job. 
  • Your patients: Every medical professional knows not to vent about patients on social media. Even though you may not include any identifying information, it is extremely careless and unprofessional. Posting about patients could result in a HIPAA violation, and will definitely look unfavorable to any hiring manager.

The Bright Side

On the bright side, the internet is not all bad. It is important to ask yourself if the content you are about to post is something you would feel comfortable sharing with your hiring manager during an interview. Having your social media accounts set to private can also add a layer of protection to your information. Being active on social media (the right way) can be lead to positive outcomes:

  • Networking: Finding a community of healthcare travelers can offer you professional and personal support. This can be extremely beneficial for new travel nurses trying to find their footing. Message forums with experts on social media can help you stay on top of industry trends.
  • Attract potential managers: Display any recent volunteer work or interesting articles related to the healthcare industry on your social accounts. Promoting travel nursing and important issues can bring hiring managers to your profile and make them more inclined to offer you an assignment.

What you share online can significantly impact your travel nursing career, so make sure your posts represent you in a good light. Check out our job board for the latest travel nurse jobs in the top travel nurse locations!

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