Reimagining Travel Nursing: Why Nurse First?

Jeremy Commisso, CEO of Nurse First Travel Agency 

Choosing the right travel nursing agency to work with can be difficult. As a traveler, you should feel confident that your agency will be there to help you every step of the way. From finding your perfect travel nurse assignment to listening to your needs and offering a solution to any hiccups you may encounter, your ideal agency will come with it all.

At Nurse First Travel Agency, we always help choose what is in our nurses’ best interest and put them first; that’s why it’s in our name. There’s more to worry about as a traveler than a regular staff nurse, and one of those worries shouldn’t be if your agency is against you.

How We Started
As a former travel nurse, I know firsthand how disheartening it can feel to be burned by multiple agencies and get stuck with an assignment that doesn’t meet your needs at all.  It’s what inspired me to create Nurse First Travel Agency and the mission to allow everyone involved to come out on top. Through tireless efforts, hours upon hours of research, and the drive and passion of willing the company into fruition, I could learn what I needed to know to cultivate a successful agency, figure out what worked and what didn’t, and make sure I met the priorities of the travelers.

From the beginning, I wanted to provide our nurses with the information they asked for and even information they didn’t know they needed to know. They should always understand and know absolutely everything there is to know about their new career. This is a virtue Nurse First is founded upon. Being a travel nurse is much different from just being a normal staff nurse, and what they expect from their agency should reflect that.

How We Put Our Nurses First
For our travel nurses to have the best experience, they should have an agency that has a “with mentality” and not one that is versus. It starts by building trust and showing your travelers that you are always on their side. To do that, you have to flip the hierarchy and put those at the bottom on top. My team, the advocates, and I give our nurses all the tools it takes to be our competitors because we want them to grow as much as possible while they are with us.

In any business, you can’t expect your workers to do something you would never do yourself. I will never make a decision I am not willing or able to rationalize, and neither should they. Leaving room for travelers to make their own decisions gives them the autonomy to express themselves and use their voices. By putting them first all of the time, our travelers can truly feel the passion and honestly say they love what they do here. Believing what we stand for and trusting the process will benefit the travelers, first, our clients, team, and shareholders.

We want people to truly feel like we have their back, and we’re willing to put the work in to prove it. We strive to give you what you deserve and what we can so you can have an experience that is worthwhile and allows you to feel seen and valued.

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