The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Travel Nurses

Social media is how we all connect: it allows us to communicate and share memorable moments, meet new people, and discover bucket-list travel spots. However, despite how much fun it is to share experiences online, there must be a clear line between professional and personal. 

For travel nurses, it is essential to remember that social media’s ever-increasing level of connection and transparency requires safety, responsibility, and the same sensible decision-making you’d practice on the job. As much fun as it can be, if you don’t exert caution, you can damage your travel nursing career through social media. Although the delete or edit buttons loom, some components of your virtual footprint are permanent. 

Don’t worry; we are here to help. Here are some of our social media dos and don’ts to prevent jeopardizing your travel nurse assignment.



Social media is a fantastic way to meet people from diverse backgrounds who share your interests, including fellow travel nurses! Reach out and follow your co-workers, both past and present, and build your professional network. What’s more, you might even make a bestie or two.

Be Yourself!

Nothing is more freeing than taking off the filter on life and showing your true self online. Now, of course, this comes with a caveat: keep it appropriate. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandma (or your boss) to see. But feel free to express who you truly are online and embrace authenticity! 

Think Before You Post

This typically goes without saying, but a reminder never hurts anyone. Remember that what you put online will stay forever; that digital footprint is impossible to bury. Be sure you thoroughly vet everything you put out there to ensure you aren’t revealing too much personal information about yourself or your patients.


Share Sensitive Information

Social media is open season for friends and strangers alike to have access to your information. That is why you must monitor your posts for sensitive content and ensure that you are not exposing intimate details of your or your patients’ lives. Be sure that you don’t post pictures of your patients, any information concerning their condition or lives, or anything that shouldn’t leave the confines of your treatment.

Trash Talk

This pairs with our last tip, but be sure that the content you share on social media does not speak ill of your facility, agency, or co-workers, both past and present. Let’s be honest: you aren’t going to love everyone, and every place you work but turning to social media to vent is not a good look. You want to be a team player, so airing your grievances online is not the right idea. 


Now, it is natural to be inclined to check in on people from your past and present online. But be careful to respect the boundaries between work and personal life; do not search online and send friend requests to patients and their family members. Keep your social media activity professional and respectful.

There you have it! Our top tips for a stellar internet presence without the stress of consequence. Try implementing these recommendations into your social media today! For more inspiration, check out our blog for more tips.

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