I have traveled for seven years and have used several different travel companies. I have repeatedly tried to find one that meets all my needs, but I always have had to compromise in one area or another. Nurse First finally ticked all the boxes on my needs list… 

(1) lots of jobs in my specialty (2) variety of locations all around the country (3) pay details listed on the website (4) day one insurance (5) a company representative that doesn’t harass me like a used car salesman.

Most importantly, my paychecks are always on time and correct and include reimbursements as promised. My traveler advocate Lauren is always available and was helpful and understanding when I missed some work due to my sister passing away.

Every member of the company that I have dealt with has been fantastic and responds to any questions I have quickly and professionally. It’s been a great experience with Nurse First so far, and I expect to continue with them for the foreseeable future.