Top 5 Travel Nursing Locations in 2022

If you’re reading this, that means you’re ready to find a travel nurse assignment you’ll love! As we inch closer to the end of this year, it’s the perfect time to explore the country and discover amazing things about yourself and the destinations you visit—all while performing the job you love, of course.

When it comes to travel nursing, there’s always something out there for every traveler. Before making your final decision about where to accept your next travel nurse contract, let us give you a few more destinations to consider. Below are our top travel nursing locations you may (and probably should) want to visit.

Top Travel Nurse Locations

1. Hawaii

Travel nurses really can’t go wrong anywhere in Hawaii. The tropical climate, breathtaking views of the abundant nature, volcanoes, and rich Polynesian culture make it that much harder to find a reason not to stay—you’ll never get tired of being a tourist with a travel nursing contract here. Travelers who enjoy being outdoors will quickly discover why Hawaii is the ultimate travel nurse destination.

Travelers looking for a real thrill can explore two of the world’s most active volcanoes and their lava formations or seaside cliffs lined with natural waterfalls, hidden springs, and miles of tropical rainforest. Hike or bike through the lush landscapes, try your hand at windsurfing and snorkeling, swim with dolphins, or watch the humpback whale migration in the winter. Before your travel nurse assignment is over, try to take advantage of Honolulu’s Waikiki Yoga on the Beach at sunrise and sunset to unwind after a long shift—you won’t regret it!

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2. Jacksonville, Florida

As Florida’s largest city located on the Atlantic coast, Jacksonville crosses three rivers with numerous bridges linking it together. All that water is ideal for boating, fishing, diving, sandy beaches, and warm weather for peak relaxation—Florida’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing. With its own distinctive vibes, Jacksonville boasts tons of international art and cultural experiences, a lively music and nightlife scene, foodie-approved dining, and the country’s largest urban park system. Travel nurses can truly find something for anything here!

Jacksonville also has about five magnet hospitals, allowing travel nurses to receive high-level specialty training. If you’re interested in advancing your career, Nurse First currently has available Jacksonville, Florida travel nurse jobs. Go check them out!

3. Carbondale, Illinois 

After the healthcare industry’s experience in the last few years, a change of pace from the hustle and bustle is much needed. Carbondale offers a great escape on the southern tip of Illinois.

The small city of Carbondale brings a relaxing atmosphere for travel nurses to feel at home. But don’t let that fool you; there’s a lot of adventure to be had! Visit one of the microbreweries, wineries, historical museums, and local eateries, or enjoy the numerous bike paths, golf courses, and parks. Zipline through the Shawnee National Forest, test your rock climbing skills on the bluffs of Giant City State Park, or simply explore the area with a self-guided tour. 

Carbondale, Illinois, travel nursing jobs are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

4. Olympia, Washington

Washington is a popular destination for travel nurses in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and travelers can enjoy its natural beauty during any season. On sunny days with clear skies, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else than in the beautiful Olympia region. 

Olympia matches its seriousness as the state’s capital with a laidback, relaxing demeanor. It’s surrounded by lakes, trees, and mountains, including the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, providing idyllic hiking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting opportunities. Travel nurses can also enjoy Olympia’s historic downtown full of mom-and-pop shops, cafes, galleries, parks, museums, and the Capitol Building. Those traveling with families should stop at the Children’s Hands-On Museum—there’s fun for every family member despite the name. For a travel nursing getaway, Olympia is the place!

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5. Alaska

We know what you might think, and you’re wrong. Alaska isn’t all wilderness and rough terrain. It is a great destination for travelers ready to break away from the typical travel nursing experience, with very little darkness during the summer and almost no daylight in the winter.

Travel nurses can experience nature at its best here in the 49th state, but also the friendly, quaint alpine villages and remote, island-based communities. The booming city of Anchorage offers arts, entertainment, galleries, restaurants, and nightlife for those with a taste for urban culture. Denali National Park is ideal for nature lovers and photographers, with grizzly bears, caribou, wolves, and moose roaming the countryside. A boat cruise around Prince William Sound offers incredible views of ancient glaciers and seemingly untouched vistas. Skiers and snowboarders have plenty of options in this mountainous state, but you should definitely see the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race—thank us later.

Safe to say that Alaska is a one-of-a-kind destination filled with experiences only it can provide. You can find the perfect Alaska travel nursing jobs to start your new adventure ASAP.
It’s a big world, but travel nursing makes it easier to visit your desired locations. So what are you waiting for? Check out our job board for the latest travel nurse jobs in the top travel nurse locations! Start traveling and make some memories today!

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