National Child Health Day: How Travel Nurses Support Children’s Health

Like all health, raising awareness about children’s health and development is important for many reasons. Family economic standing and education play significant roles in treating chronic medical conditions, accidents, and other illnesses in young children. Believe it or not, no facilities were dedicated to treating children until the mid-nineteenth century. With the rise of children’s hospitals, more kids were being properly examined, improving their healthcare through more comprehensive analyses.

In 1928, United States President Calvin Coolidge was the first to issue a Child Health Day Proclamation to continue promoting adolescent growth. Initially observed on May 1st, National Child Health Day is on the first Monday of every October, where we show our support for children’s health, family, and those that work hard to help them. So, if you’re a travel nurse with kids of your own or specialize in children’s health, here are a few things you can do to celebrate.

1. Schedule a routine checkup.

Since travel nursing requires you to always be on the move, establishing a solid routine can be a little tricky, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Still, ensuring that your kiddos are prepared in every way so they can enjoy their time with you is essential. 

National Child Health Day can be a good reminder to schedule a routine pediatrician or dental appointment. Before signing a travel nurse contract to work in a new location, you will want to explore its offerings, including nearby pediatricians and medical facilities, in case of an emergency. It’s a great idea to reach out to those contacts before you leave to ensure you’ll have everything in place for your kids if and when the time arises.

2. Add new activities to their lifestyle.

Allowing your kids to tag along on your travel nursing assignment is a great way to bring diversity to their everyday lives. They get to witness and experience things they might not see back home and broaden their horizons. Travel nurses traveling with family not only get to spend more quality time with their loved ones, but they also can maximize their days off and search for more adventures than they would by themselves.

However, travelers don’t need to be on a travel nurse assignment to get their kids up and active. Eating fruits and veggies and getting plenty of exercise are essential for kids’ health now and in the future, and there are many different ways you and your family can do that right at home! Going on a walk, making smoothies together, or even having a dance party can promote a healthy lifestyle for your children without making it seem like a chore.

3. Volunteer at children-specific events.

If you’re not a parent, there are still ways to promote and support children’s health. You can volunteer at a school, participate in a charity event for kids, or dedicate some of your free time to a youth program. Many communities have youth centers looking for positive role models to do incredible work to enrich kids’ lives and be a significant influence. 

Pediatric travel nurses can also help promote children’s health by helping those with life-limiting conditions. Pediatric palliative care programs help support children and their family’s goals for the future, including hopes for a cure, life prolongation, and improvement in quality of life. Pediatric nurses in these programs provide caring and compassionate services that bring some relief to difficult situations.

Children were once overlooked, and that damaged communities in critical ways. As the most vulnerable people in our society, every child deserves to be the healthiest they can be—mentally and physically. If you’re interested in pediatric travel nurse assignments or more ways to engage your kids while travel nursing, visit our blog.

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