3 Travel Nurse Specialties Most People Don’t Know About (But Could Love)

Travel nurses are in demand nationwide and get to lead extremely rewarding careers while helping as many people as they can. The most sought-after travel nursing specialties include ICU, MedSurg, and OR, but those might not be up your alley. It could feel as if there’s no travel nursing position perfect for you, but luckily you don’t have to choose from a limited list! There are more specialties out there than you think.

Many travel nursing opportunities expand beyond the hospital floor, a nursing home, or home health. Sometimes they can appear in the unlikeliest of places. So before you throw in the towel on your search, consider these three travel nurse specialties many people don’t know about.

3 Uncommon Travel Nurse Specialties

1. Wound Care Nursing

A wound care travel nurse assesses and treats lacerations, puncture wounds, surgical wounds, pressure sores, ostomies, diabetic skin conditions, and other difficult-to-heal skin ulcerations. These nurses play an important role in reducing a patient’s pain and promoting healing as quickly and completely as possible. Before accepting a travel nurse assignment, wound care nurses must enroll in specialized courses to renew their knowledge. Continued education helps these travel nurses remain current with evolving care standards, enhance their understanding of skin and wound management, and stay legally defensible at the bedside.

Many people are unaware of wound care travel nursing, which is why this field is included as one of the more unknown nursing careers. However, wound care nurses are more in demand than ever due to the primarily older, high-risk populations they care for.

Take a look at a few of our available wound care travel nurse jobs

2. Nurse Coroner (Forensics)

Somewhat two sides of the same coin, a forensic travel nurse and a travel nurse coroner have a few overlapping responsibilities. While forensic nurses are more well-known, both roles play a crucial part in healthcare and legal systems. 

Forensic travel nurses treat victims of abuse and violence and act as medical consultants and expert witnesses for the legal system. Forensic nurses also often work with coroner nurses to investigate homicides and deal with trauma cases. Some professionals specialize in a specific area of the field, such as sexual assault, child abuse, or elder neglect. Working with criminals, various crime scenes, and victims can be exciting but also gruesome and stressful at times.

As the less well-known specialty, travel nurse coroners assist the chief medical examiner by taking photographs of the deceased, helping determine the cause of death, and at times participating in legal proceedings to discuss the findings. They may also work with law enforcement on death cases, interview family members and witnesses, take blood and tissue samples, and complete documentation as necessary.

If you are interested in the criminal justice field and have always wanted to star in crime dramas like CSI, this career could be for you. Forensic and coroner travel nurse assignments are a little harder to find, but they can lead to long-lasting partnerships with multiple organizations. Some travelers start as staff until they’ve boosted their reputation and padded their professional network.

3. Quality Assurance Nursing

Quality assurance travel nurses, sometimes called case managers, leverage their medical knowledge and interpersonal and management skills to meet their patients’ healthcare needs. As the liaison between patients and insurance providers, quality assurance nurses ensure patients receive excellent health care at a fair price. Their specific duties may include evaluating current hospital protocol, identifying ways to enhance efficiency and patient safety, and researching trends in patient care.

While this career choice affects your nursing environment rather than your travel nursing specialty, various QA opportunities exist in the private sector, hospitals, and government facilities for multiple specialties. You also find them in ICUs and trauma and burn units—places where patients might take weeks to months to recover.

No matter your travel nurse specialty, travel nurses are in high demand. These new options can be pretty exciting for those wishing to find unique travel nurse jobs. However, examining all aspects of the position is vital before signing that final contract.

If you’re ready to start your new career, browse our available travel nurse assignments in the top travel nurse locations!

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