What to Know About Hospice Travel Nurse Assignments

Hospice travel nurses provide end-of-life care for patients not currently undergoing treatment for an illness. The job of a hospice travel nurse is to provide comfort and care for patients who have been given a short period of time left to live. Because patients are not actively undergoing treatment, hospice nurses help patients manage pain and symptoms while also providing support for the patient’s family. 

Here’s everything you need to know about hospice travel nurse assignments and travel nurse contracts.

What does a hospice travel nurse assignment entail?

Because hospice travel nurse assignments are specifically about providing end-of-life or palliative care for patients, a hospice travel nurse’s main responsibility is to ensure patient comfort. Responsibilities will include taking vitals, engaging with the patient to see how they are feeling, and monitoring the patient’s eating and sleeping.

Hospice nurses may also manage a patient’s medication, determine which medical supplies are needed for patient care, and coordinate with the patient’s doctors. In addition to those medical components of the job, hospice nurses also act as the emotional support system for both the patient and the family, connecting them to necessary care, resources, and information.

Where do hospice travel nurses work?

Hospice travel nurses can work in various settings, making this type of work a unique travel nurse assignment. Hospice travel nurses may work in their patients’ homes, in a specialized care facility, a nursing home, a long-term care facility, or a hospital. It depends on the patient’s level of care needed and the type of assignment.

How is a hospice travel nurse assignment different from other travel nurse assignments?

A hospice travel nurse assignment differs from other travel nurse assignments because hospice nurses do not treat an illness as they would in a hospital. Instead, they provide ongoing care to ensure a patient’s overall comfort. It’s an essential role to be played, and it requires delicacy, compassion, and an understanding of the fullness of the patient’s needs.

How long are hospice travel nurse assignments?

Hospice travel nurse assignments vary in length, just like any other travel nurse assignment. While the most common length of assignment for a travel nurse is about 13 or 14 weeks, this depends greatly on the location and type of work you will be completing. 

If you’re looking for a hospice travel nurse assignment, check our job board (and specify a “hospice” specialty) for the latest travel nurse jobs in the top travel nurse locations!

How much do hospice travel nurse assignments pay?

Hospice travel nurse assignments can offer competitive pay, especially depending on the location and the organization. Your pay will largely depend on your contract, where you plan to work, and the length of the assignment. 

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What are the benefits and challenges of a hospice travel nurse assignment?

Because hospice nursing jobs require the nurse to be hands-on and involved in every aspect of patient care, a hospice travel nurse assignment is a great opportunity to develop your skills and become a more seasoned nurse. Hospice travel nurses have more autonomy because they don’t work inside of a hospital—and some nurses may prefer this type of work environment.

On the flip side, hospice travel nursing can be challenging because of the emotional toll it can take on providers. The work is very emotionally demanding, and working from a patient’s home can be difficult, especially if the patient’s home environment is unstable or family members are difficult.

How can I find a hospice travel nurse assignment?

If you think a hospice travel nurse assignment is a good fit for you and is aligned with your goals, then we’ve got you covered. Visit our job board to find active and available hospice travel nurse assignments (just specify “hospice” as a filter for the list). At Nurse First, we’re committed to providing the best job offerings with all the information you need to succeed in your assignment.

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