How This Traveler Advocate Inherited the Travel Nursing Bug

Travel nursing is a lucrative career that provides many opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. During each travel nurse assignment, nurses acquire new skills and techniques, perform in different specializations, and even work in smaller or larger facilities than they’re used to. Being a traveler also allows you to meet new people, travel across the United States—even other countries—and enjoy various activities you can cross off your bucket list.

There are so many options at your fingertips when it comes to this amazing profession. While some nurses choose to travel later in their careers, sometimes the travel nursing bug bites at a young age.

At least that’s the case for a Nurse First Traveler Advocate from Ohio, Trey Ringer.

Trey worked in hospitals and as a physician’s assistant in a urology clinic before becoming a traveler advocate just a year ago. Only being 24, Trey has had exposure to the great world of travel nursing for most of his life. His mother, a current travel nurse of 18 years, worked in many facilities throughout all 50 states and has even brought along her family on a few occasions.

“Being able to travel so much at a young age and see and learn so many things when we’re younger was just a great experience,” Trey said. “Anything in the immediate surrounding states, we would always travel as a family down there.”

While he was young, their family would often travel together during the summer and winter breaks to not interfere with school. Traveling with his mom became easier once Trey was in college and classes were online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exploring with his mom has opened up numerous possibilities and greatly influenced his desire to stay within the medical field. With the experience he gained both as a child and through previous positions, he says staying in the field just makes sense.

Familiar with the ins and outs of both roles, he knows what it takes to be an advocate and a traveler: high motivation, quick and productive communication, and a willingness to put in the time and effort to maintain relationships. Now, as a traveler advocate for Nurse First, Trey loves connecting with people, including other employees and the 57 travel nurses he manages.

“The best part about my job is building these relationships with complete strangers,” he said. “I’ve had nurses with me ever since I first started, and they don’t plan on going anywhere just because they know I’ll do anything and everything I can to handle any issues that arise, get them the highest rate, or anything at all that they need.”

Trey is also currently in nursing school and plans to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a travel nurse. Trey Ringer is just one of the many travel nurse advocates at Nurse First dedicated to our travelers. Because of his experiences traveling with his mom, he understands the unique challenges travel nurses have to overcome. That’s what makes him a great advocate.

If you’re ready for someone to truly have your back while you do what you love, contact us today to get started! If you’ve already made up your mind check out or job board for available travel nurse jobs.

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