To Be A Travel Nurse Advocate You Need The 3 C’s

A travel nurse recruiter plays a pivotal part in a travel nurse’s career. As the primary connection between them and their dream job, travel advocates always have to make the right call and do what’s best for the nurses. This will build up trust and encourage strong, authentic relationships.

A great travel nurse advocate can help make the difference between a successful or stressful travel nurse assignment. To be great, you need to be compassionate, compatible, and communicative—the three C’s for success.

Travel Advocates and The Three C’s for Success

1. Compassion

Compassion is empathy and caring in action. It gives us a chance to understand someone else’s situation and the desire to want to provide them with what they’re asking. Being a travel nurse advocate means that you are passionate about being compassionate.

Travel nurses can be nervous about an upcoming assignment, especially if it’s their first time. The role of an advocate is to work very methodically and systematically while still making everyone feel as though they are genuinely the only person they are working with. By providing all of the details and what to expect, you have the ability to alleviate any second thoughts.

2. Compatibility

In all relationships, people are simply not happy when their partner is not compatible with them. The same goes for travel nurses, as they want advocates who will take care of them and have their best interests at heart. Although you cannot be compatible with a traveler in every single way, finding some middle ground and still getting most of their demands works as well.

You’re not a genie, so picking an assignment for your travelers can be challenging and require flexibility on both sides. But, as long as you strategically work together and keep open minds, you and your travelers will be satisfied. Being able to work with a high volume of people efficiently without giving up any quality of service for each person will keep you busy as an advocate for a long time.

3. Communication

Advocates are people who thrive on relationships and can communicate well. The more you talk to your travelers, the better you can meet their needs and give them a fantastic travel assignment experience. As mentioned before, detailing everything they need to know while on assignment will keep you both on the same page, which will lead to an even better relationship.

It’s all about being a good communicator, responding as quickly as possible to their questions or concerns, being accessible, and acting swiftly when that ideal job opportunity comes around.

A travel advocate is a partner, resource, listener, and cheerleader packaged all in one. Their job is to do what’s best for the travelers so they can spend their energy on the more important stuff: their patients and traveling adventures. If you think being a travel nurse advocate is right for you, contact our travel nurse agency today!

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