Cheers to the New Year! How Travel Nurses Can Prepare For 2023

This year was an unprecedented year, especially for the global healthcare industry. This year, while not as bad, still held a few ups and downs as the world continued to return to normal. But as 2022 comes to an end, what can the travel nursing industry expect for the new year?

A new year for travel nurses means 365 days of endless opportunity! Travel nurses must leap into the unknown future and face whatever comes next head-on—that’s how the job goes. However, they don’t have to do it unprepared. Here are a few checklist items to help travel nurses prepare for the new year.

Update Your Certifications

Just like staff nurses, travelers must keep their certifications up to date to stay eligible for different travel assignments. Depending on the travel nursing specialty, your certifications up for renewal may include BLS, ACLS, & PALS. Also, keep track of expiration dates. If a certification is near expiration, a hiring manager will often look to another travel nurse for a position, so there is no risk of expiring in the middle of an assignment.

This is also the chance to obtain a new certification and expand your assignment options.

Plan Ahead For Your First 2023 Assignment 

This is the time to get a jump on your new year travel nurse assignments! There is still high demand for travel nurses and the skills they bring to the table. Have an in-depth conversation with your traveler advocate about what you want for your contracts this year. It’s important to sit down and figure out the best option for your first and following assignments to have another amazing travel nursing year.

Write Down Your Goals

Setting travel nursing goals you want to accomplish is a great way to start the new year and keep your eye on the prize. Think about a new skill you want to master or destinations you plan to see this year. If you want to start a new hobby, write that down too! Physically writing your thoughts down on paper gives them a place to rest, so they’re not jumbled in your mind while you try to fulfill your travel nursing duties. When you can look at them, your resolve to actually get them done is stronger.

Whatever goal you decide to set, commit to a plan and do it! When 2023 arrives, you’ll be happy you did.

Become Immersed

Take advantage of your upcoming travel nurse assignment and immerse yourself in a culture and community you usually wouldn’t be a part of. Even if it is a familiar location, try to explore your city in a new light. There are plenty of ways to feel connected to your travel nursing location and try new experiences through the online communities and forums available at our fingertips. 

As you plan ahead for your assignments in 2023, be sure to use the time during your travel nurse contract and between the next one to explore your surroundings or take a short road trip to a nearby city you have always wanted to visit.

Take Time For Yourself

While immersing yourself in your new environment is good, you should also incorporate some self-care time. Running full steam ahead and selflessly caring for patients can quickly burn out any travel nurse, so it’s crucial to ensure your well-being is okay—you deserve some TLC. Whether you put some mandatory R&R in your schedule or space out your contracts to give you that time to pamper yourself is up to you as long as you make it happen!

With a few preparations, you can make the next twelve months the best yet in your travel nursing career. If you’re ready to get ahead, visit the Nurse First job board to find available travel nurse jobs in the top travel nurse locations!

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