4 Tips To Find Your Next Travel Nurse Housing

Accepting travel nurse jobs can induce a whirlwind of emotions. You get paid to live somewhere new, which brings all sorts of questions and experiences. But finding travel nurse housing can be one of the most challenging aspects of taking on a travel nursing assignment. There are tons of variables and options to consider. Moreover, travel nurse housing involves many unique circumstances that make it more complex than usual.

While it is challenging, finding the right travel nurse housing isn’t impossible. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you out. You should pay close attention so you don’t lose money or get roped into a bad travel nurse contract.

1. Utilizing Your Travel Nursing Agency

You most likely won’t be the first one your travel nurse agency has sent to your specific destination for your travel nurse assignment. Depending on their experience, your traveler advocate could be in tune with different travel locations and have a pretty good idea of where you can stay. They may even be able to connect you with other responsible travel nurses who are looking for roommates, which could ultimately help you save money on travel nurse housing.

Your advocate may also know of travelers leaving the area right when you arrive. Often, this direct handoff from one traveler to the next is the easiest way to make sure you live in a safe, quality location.

2. Know Your Preferences Ahead Of Time

Every travel nurse has a list of non-negotiables, and it’s crucial to know what they are before starting your search for travel nurse housing. Do you want to live downtown or just outside the city? You may prefer to live alone, with a couple of roommates, or stay in a fully furnished place to cut down on luggage—which we’ll discuss next.

Some preferences you will learn via trial and error, but going in with an idea of what you want to start with will narrow your options tremendously. A little research goes a long way so you can see the kind of travel nursing housing you’re getting into and adjust your preferences accordingly.

3. Find Furnished Options

It’s efficient to travel without bulky furniture that you probably won’t need when your travel nurse assignment is over (unless it’s your personal property). Many travelers who simply want to pack a bag and move in absolutely have to rent a fully furnished place. Luckily, there are a few travel nurse housing options that provide amenities galore! Landlords offering short-term sublets will offer basic furnishings, kitchen appliances, etc. You may even find someone renting out their home while they’re out of town, so keep a vigilant eye while searching for accommodations.

4. Keep In Touch With Old Travel Nursing Friends

Staying in touch with other travel nurses can be a really valuable resource and come in handy when finding your next job or housing. If you know of anyone that lives and works in the area of your travel nursing assignment, ask them for help and advice. Even if they haven’t been to a particular location recently, they may know a friend who has or have established connections in the area. You definitely want to avoid Craigslist and anything that sounds too good to be true. Keeping your network of travel nurse friends widespread can help you score some really nice travel nurse housing options as you move through your career.

Travel Nurse Housing Resources

Housing is one of the most important aspects of being a travel nurse. You want to be able to find a safe and comfortable place to stay that will not only make your life easier, but also help you do your best work. Here are three travel nurse housing resources to get you started:

The Travel Nurse Housing Directory

This a website that provides listings for travel nruse housing across the United States. It offers information on rates, amenities, photos and reviews from travelers who have stayed at each property.

Extended Stay America

Extended Stay America is a corporate housing hotel such as Travelodge. This hotel caters to traveling professionals and offers daily, weekly and monthly rated. With these suites you will receive free daily breakfast, a full kitchen, television, WIFI, and on-site laundry.

Facebook Housing Groups

Facebook has a heap of groups for travel nurses such as Travel Nursing: Places/Room For Rent and Furnished Finder. These groups allow you to get in contact with the landlord directly rather than having to go through a third-party middle man. Even better, there are other travelers in these groups who can provide you with immediate feedback about a certain city and which areas are safe, affordable, and commutable.

Working as a travel nurse comes with many new challenges you may not have realized when you first took the leap. But just like anything else, the more you work through these challenges, the less daunting they will be. Finding housing for your next travel nurse assignment won’t seem like such a chore to cross off your list when you follow these four tips.

Ready to get going right now? Check out our job board for available travel nurse jobs in our top travel nurse locations and get a head start in choosing your travel nurse housing today!

  • Some travel nurse agencies help facilitate housing for nurses
  • A travel nurse agency may pay for housing directly without money going to the nurse to then be paid for housing
  • Nurse First travel agency provides nurses with a tax exempt stipend for housing in the particular location the nurse is based in

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