Travel Nursing Moms: How to Balance Both Worlds

Parenthood has some wild responsibilities, and you’ll often find your hands full. Now add the duties of a travel nurse on top, and you got yourself an even bigger challenge.

Being a mom and a travel nurse isn’t impossible, but finding a balance between the two is no easy task. As a superhero on and off the clock, both worlds are 24/7, with little time for you to stop and catch your breath. After the scrubs come off, travel nursing moms have to clock in for their second job. There’s homework to complete, dinner to prepare, an excited kid to listen to, and the list goes on. However, while it does have its challenges, being a mother and a travel nurse isn’t as impossible as you think—you don’t have to choose one or the other. Here’s how you can find your balance.

Travel Nursing as a Mom: 3 Major Considerations

1. Master Time Management

Out of all your travel nursing skills, time management will probably be one of your most used tools. While it’s second nature to apply that competence during your shift, you should also use it in your personal life. You can’t be in two places at once, so prioritizing where you spend your time will prevent overwhelming stress in the future.

Time management gives you quality time with your family. Most travel nurse assignments give you the flexibility to choose what hours suit you best. This way, you can focus on your children and work without worrying about neglecting others. An example would be taking only morning and afternoon shifts so you can help with your kid’s schooling. Local travel nurse assignments might also be a great option to stay closer to home.

2. Make The Differences Work

As a travel nurse, traveling is unavoidable. Sometimes, your assignment might get extended, or demanding shifts won’t allow any flex time. Frequently communicating with your kids and extended family becomes very important when this happens. You may miss being in person for special occasions like holidays or birthdays if you’re away. However, a video call or small gift sent in the mail will still show them you’re thinking about them.

If your kids are tagging along on your travel nurse assignment, they might enjoy the traveling and new experiences or miss their friends and old routines, depending on their age. Find ways to incorporate fun activities and events like fairs, magic shows, and even play dates with your fellow traveler moms while staying in your new travel nurse destination. It may not be the perfect alternative to missing their friends, but it’ll at least get them excited for what’s to come. It’s essential for all parties to be happy and comfortable for travel nursing to work.

3. Get Help

It’s very easy to feel like you have to take on all the responsibilities, especially when it comes to your children. However, your travel nursing agency and travel advocate are there to help you find the best options to make your life and your kids’ lives easier—you’re not alone! Using your trusted friends and family network to help you with your kids is critical. Whether you’re working atypical hours or just needing a break from the stress, that network will be there for you when you need it most.

Whether you realize it or not, you are an amazing travel nurse, mother, and balancer. There’s no wrong way to be a travel nursing mom, so give yourself some grace! Choose a lifestyle that works best for you and your loved ones. Sometimes finding the right pace can be a trial and error experience, but once you hit your stride, there’s no going back!

If you’re ready to get on the road with your kids or as a solo traveler, contact us to find the perfect travel nurse assignment. We’ll be waiting! For more opportunities across the country, visit our job board to find available travel nurse jobs.

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